About RECARO Gaming

With the founding of RECARO Gaming GmbH & Co. KG, the RECARO brand has positioned itself as a supplier to the gaming scene. The young team at the new division is combining the dynamism of a start-up with the RECARO brand’s decades of expertise in seating, in order to captivate the gaming scene with the development of an entirely new seat. In doing so, our young colleagues are breaking new ground. The original inspiration came from a RECARO Holding employee who recognized the potential of the gaming market, how well RECARO would be suited to gaming, and the many ways they fit together.

100 hours of workshops, 5,000 surveyed users, extensive evaluation: from the very start, RECARO Gaming worked closely with the gaming scene, collecting feedback throughout the entire development period. They had community members sit on a prototype with special sensors, for instance, to determine the ideal seating positions for different types of players, from casual gamers to eSports professionals. RECARO Gaming translated this feedback into the functions you see today in the gaming seat.


New in the range: The RECARO Rae Gaming Chair

The new RECARO Rae is based on a concept of composite materials in combination with premium cold foam and environmentally friendly breathable fabric covers. Thanks to its high-quality synchronous mechanism, versatile adjustable multifunctional armrests, integrated lumbar support and many other features, the RECARO Rae is convincing all along the line.

The RECARO Rae bears the overall RECARO DNA, combining the highest quality, comfort and ergonomics. With its discreet design, it blends harmoniously into any living room or study. The Rae is intuitive to operate, but still offers a variety of setting options, making it ideal for use in the office or home office.