Feel Performance

Feel Performance

Lem Villemin is one of Stuttgart’s most famous pro skaters. He is always in the process of discovering, mastering, and conquering new obstacles with his favorite tricks. In this clip, Lem is skating around his preferred spots together with his skate buddy Roman Jahns. Having a great time on their boards, they drop a variety of tricks, including the “Treflip” and the classic “Nose Manual.” In cooperation with RECARO Originals, Lem shows us his personal favorites among the skate spots of his hometown of Stuttgart!

Lem Villemin, Roman Jahns


When you see this guy skate, you immediately recognize his original and remarkable skateboarding style. Having spent the first seven years of his life in a small village in Thailand, Lem’s passion for skateboarding began to be apparent soon after Stuttgart became his new homebase. It was just a matter of time until he joined the world-class league and took home all the prizes awarded at a variety of skate contests.

Today he’s a well-known personality in the pro skateboarding scene of both Europe and the United States. Lem appreciates high-quality clothing with classic and authentic style. For him, the pieces of the Stuttgart-based brand fulfill every need when it comes to skateboarding and underscore the special connection he has with his hometown.

All street sports require both strong materials and a maximum level of comfort and flexibility. Apart from these benefits, the pure and timeless RECARO designs are the perfect expression of the bold skateboarding lifestyle. This video shows Lem and his friend Roman Jahns taking advantage of one of the many great skate spots of their hometown of Stuttgart. Here you can watch them working on some tricks like the classic “Nose Manual” and the “Treflip” while wearing select pieces of the RECARO Originals and Performance collection.

The soundtrack of the video is produced by the multi-talented Dexter, who also chose Stuttgart as his homebase. He has been living out his love for music as a DJ, rapper, songwriter, and producer since the 90’s. In addition to numerous own releases under his label WSP Entertainment, he also worked with many well-known artists like Casper, Cro, and Suff Daddy, which have earned him both gold records and platinum status. Download Dexter’s track „Recalecho“ exclusively and for free here (by click on the 3 dots in the player): Download

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