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License Plate Holder
License Plate Holder license plate reinforcement
RECARO both inside and outside: With this license plate holder, you communicate to the outside world what you rely on in your vehicle interior. The plain white RECARO lettering on a black background speaks for itself. • license plate...
Polo-Shirt Leisure
Polo-Shirt Leisure 100% cotton
With its simplicity and elegance, the RECARO polo shirt focuses on minimalistic design and represents a classic that no wardrobe should be without. The subtle RECARO print on the left chest, the fine collar details, and a concealed...
Full Zip Hoodie Performance
Full Zip Hoodie Performance unisex full zip hoodie
Leisure style meets performance. If you also value performance in your free time, then the dark gray RECARO hoodie jacket with zipper and side pockets is just the thing for you. With a relaxed fit and featuring the RECARO logo, it is...
Blouson Pepita
Blouson Pepita 100% Made in Stuttgart
A highlight made in Stuttgart, the RECARO home: The lightweight blouson in anthracite features elegant style and a lining in the RECARO Pepita pattern. Made from 100 percent recycled materials, this must-have fashion statement makes a...
Hoodie Performance
Hoodie Performance unisex hoodie
For performers who hit the ground running in their spare time: This light gray hoodie with welt pockets and relaxed fit features exceptional wearing comfort. The RECARO logo and the Performance print on the back give your outfit a casual...
Checkered Socks
Checkered Socks material mix with combed cotton
The waving of a checkered flag at the finish line in motorsports served as the inspiration for the extraordinary design of these RECARO socks. The legendary pattern is a real eye-catcher – whether you are wearing them for business or...
T-Shirt Performance Light Grey
T-Shirt Performance Light Grey stretch cotton T-shirt
You care about performance, both at work and in your free time – making this the perfect T-shirt for you. The relaxed fit features unparalleled comfort and lets you move about with complete freedom. The Performance print in the chest...
T-Shirt Performance Dark Grey
T-Shirt Performance Dark Grey stretch cotton T-shirt
This mottled anthracite T-shirt with Performance print on the chest makes a dynamic statement. The relaxed fit with round neck features optimum freedom of movement – just the thing for all urban performers who have a sense of casual...
T-Shirt One Brand One Goal
T-Shirt One Brand One Goal RECARO Brand Shirt
“One Brand. One Goal. Feel Performance.” This T-shirt makes performance tangible. The imprint on the back recalls the many “world’s firsts” of the RECARO brand, from the first sports seat to the first premium Gaming Seat. The embroidered...
Sweatshirt Performance Pattern
Sweatshirt Performance Pattern unisex Sweatshirt
This sweatshirt from the Performance Collection is not only for die-hard fans of the brand: with the unusual placement of the RECARO logos in a diagonal pattern print, it will turn heads wherever you go. The latest design meets luxurious...
T-Shirt Retro
T-Shirt Retro 100% cotton
It’s a look with real character: With the early RECARO logo from 1963, this T-shirt brings a piece of RECARO history into your wardrobe. The clean design underscores your classic sporty style – with small details on the back and side...
T-Shirt Spektrum
T-Shirt Spektrum 100% cotton
Inspired by the legendary RECARO Spektrum fabric from the 1960s, this T-shirt turns the retro appearance into a true fashion statement, with small details on the back and side seam completing the premium look. 100 percent cotton and a...
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