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About us

RECARO tradition and vision

“Those who sit well drive better”: It was in accordance with this slogan that the first RECARO Sportsitz revolutionized automotive seating in 1965. Ever since then, RECARO products have been the first of their kind as well as the benchmark that others aspired to in many areas. The brand produced products that ranged from the first motorsport shells to lightweight and especially comfortable aircraft seats through to the first child seat that grows with the child and the first high-end Gaming Seat.

Whether in the gaming, aviation, or automotive realm, our products give our customers support and allow them to overcome limits and boundaries as well as reach their destinations safely and confidently. All of them are united by a common vision of enhancing the performance and well-being of people in motion.

How we see ourselves

This high standard is something we have also applied to our first RECARO merchandising products. We seek to support the dynamic lifestyle of our customers with the right accessories, whether for business or leisure, at home or on the road.

Our products are all designed with exacting attention to detail at the Stuttgart headquarters of RECARO Holding. Our objective is to make the RECARO brand tangible even beyond the world of seating.

Our products

Whether in the business or leisure setting, our Originals, Classic, and Urban Collections appeal to everyone who cares about performance.

Our accessories not only underscore our customers’ sense of personal style but are also persuasive through their perfect interplay of timeless design, premium quality, and outstanding functionality. High quality standards apply not only to our products but also to the service we give to our customers.